JeeGee Horse Bedding made from recycled cardboard

JeeGee Horse Bedding

J&G have come up with a novel scheme for reducing the industry's cardboard mountain. We now collect and dispose of waste from more than 2000 UK print firms - including thousands of tons of discarded cardboard which we are now turning into horse bedding. New custom-built cutting and shredding equipment has been installed at our Blandford factory where the cardboard is processed and baled up for sale to stables and equine centres.

The new product is being marketed under the name JeeGee Bedding, backed by publicity reminding owners that "horses need quality sleep too!". The bedding quickly attracted the attention of local equestrian enthusiasts who snapped up 600 of the 20kg bales in the first full week of production. It's also suitable for the game and poultry rearing industries and for use with agricultural livestock.

View our short video about JeeGee Bedding...

Although it's only available within Dorset and surrounding areas at the moment we hope to step up production and market the bedding nationally in the future.

Our general manager John Haines said the scheme was the ultimate in recycling. "Waste creation is one of the printing industry's main environmental impacts and our aim is to find creative ways to recycle as much of it as possible. Cardboard is a prime candidate for reuse and can make ideal animal bedding. It's dust-free, more absorbent and cheaper than traditional animal bedding like straw and wood shavings - and is completely biodegradable. Once it's been finished with, it can be used as an excellent compost which also helps reduce the size of muckheaps at stables".


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