Managing Waste and Preserving Natural Resources

J&G Environmental is an ethically-motivated industrial waste disposal company pledged to play a practical role in protecting the environment for future generations both through its commercial activities and its own domestic working practices. It operates almost exclusively in the printing and photographic sectors.

The company accepts that waste is an inevitable by-product from industry but believes that its proper disposal within the confines of our 'enclosed' planet is a major factor in determining the quality and sustainability of our environment. It believes that the 'discard at will' activities of future generations is not now sustainable and seeks to develop its expertise in the managed collection and reuse of valuable raw materials. In this way it hopes to help the environmental cause by:

  • Reducing the amount of waste going to landfill or for incineration
  • Conserving finite natural resources with a view to their reuse
  • Promoting environmentally friendly waste disposal practices throughout the industries we serve.

Our Commitment

At the core of the company's commitment is the provision of environmentally-sound and operationally- safe waste management services to its customer base. To this end J&G will seek to:

  • Constantly improve the technical services it provides through a programme of substantial capital investment in site infrastructure and plant.
  • Invest in a programme of on-going training to ensure that all staff are familiar with all relevant waste disposal processes, procedures and legislation and are aware of the environmental significance of what they do.
  • As an absolute priority, maximise the percentage and range of waste recycled by the company.
  • Improve environmental awareness and performance throughout the industries in which we operate by providing advice, guidance and practical assistance to customers seeking to 'green' their waste management procedures.

Practising What We Preach

The company accepts that as an organisation encouraging environmental good practice among its commercial peers it must itself be a 'green' exemplar. It will do this by:

  • Operating its own strict Environmental Management System at its various working sites, following formal management procedures which closely link the company's business practices with sustainable development.
  • Keeping its activities under continuous review to measure potential environmental impacts under normal, abnormal and emergency conditions.
  • Committing itself to continuous registration to the environmental quality standard ISO 14001 (gained in 2001) so that the company's environmental programme is measured against the best objective assessment available.
  • Fully co-operating with the Environment Agency in its routine inspections of our sites, welcoming their involvement in our work, and safeguarding the company's award of a Pollution Prevention and Control Permit.
  • Encouraging transparency by inviting our customers to visit the company's headquarters to inspect disposal procedures as part of their own Duty of Care and environmental supply chain responsibilities.
  • Maintaining professional links with the printing industry through associate membership of the British Printing Industries Federation, together with the Waste Management Industrial Training and Advisory Board, and sharing our specialist expertise with these and other organisations.


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